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Pregnant and Fighting F*t

21 weeks today. The son we never thought we’d have is growing at lightning speed (80th percentile!) as is my girth. Somewhere in the past 5 weeks I’ve gone from ‘what baby?’ to ‘whoaaa baby!’. A lovely colleague I hadn’t seen in a few weeks cast her eyes over my enormous belly and newly acquired … Continue reading Pregnant and Fighting F*t

Telling the Girls- The Rest.

I wanted it to be a little bit special when we told the girls about the pregnancy. This was not planned, I didn’t think they had seen it coming, and I felt it could go either way: be taken really well or really badly. I knew there would be anxiety about mummy’s attention being pulled … Continue reading Telling the Girls- The Rest.

Telling the Girls- Part One

At 8 weeks on the dot, the day of our dating scan, I woke up more nauseated than usual. I put it down to nerves. I’d been lucky with the girls. I had never thrown up, and any nausea I had was mild and quickly relieved with food. I never needed to even consider medication. … Continue reading Telling the Girls- Part One

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