8 Weeks of I.F…

Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels.com

…and I’m feeling awesome! I am so happy to share a more positive blog about it, because I know we all need good news stories when we’re struggling through the plateaus or setbacks and willpower is waning.

I’m pleased to say I did, as predicted, weigh 70.4kg the day after my last I.F post 2 weeks ago. A week later I was 69.6kg. The next day there was a big shift to 68.4, where I stayed for a few days, and today I am 68.1kg (yipppeeee!). I have now lost 6.5kg in 8 weeks and my clothes are fitting again, the new clothes I ordered are slightly too big for me (they’ll shrink with washing and time), people are starting to comment and I am, for the first time in my life, not feeling bloated, and not craving carbs.

It feels nothing short of miraculous. I have never eaten so little pasta (I could eat spagbol every day of the week and be as happy as a pig in mud) or bread in my entire life. Not only does it take up too many precious calories, no sooner have I finished a bowl of pasta am I craving more. Increasing the portion size, rather than relieve the hunger, only makes it worse. So I skip that completely on fasting days (still doing 5 of 7 at 800-ish calories) and opt for store bought salads instead, adding my own boiled eggs, stir fried firm tofu or chicken. That’s one meal, usually dinner, and the other is invariably a shake. I can highly recommend ‘Botanika Blends’ plant protein, to which I add 1 raw egg, frozen berries, benefibre powder and cold water or milk. It provides over half my daily protein needs, tastes delicious and fills me up.

The only other change I’ve made is to extend my fasting window from 12 hours to at least 14 hours (Thanks for the tip Jimmy!) Is it hard? Not really. Once I worked out how to get enough protein in a way that made me happy (not easy for an ex-vego terrible cook), and ensure I drink at least 3 litres of water a day, it’s become pretty easy. And you do adjust. The only time I’ve gone to bed hungry after the first few days of this new ‘way of life’ (“It’s not a diet!”) was when I didn’t consumed enough protein for dinner. So I got the hint, just don’t do that, and it’s not hard. This only works of course, if the goal is still important enough to you, and for me, it definitely is.

There’s an expression I absolutely hate, and I know I’m not alone:

Even Ms Moss herself reportedly regrets saying this. I should think so Kate, I mean, really. Let’s all remember that this is not what it’s about, and if it is, something is wrong. If I am ever skinny, it will be because I am unwell, either physically, or mentally. But healthy, and in a healthy weight range (3.5kg to go!), that I can sign up for, because of course…

Happy Monday folks. May all your dreams come true ❤

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