Ambitious Writer’s Resolutions 2021

I’m going to skip the personal resolutions on ‘Soul Searching’ today. In a quiet moment, I will undoubtedly write a long list of goals, hopes, intentions. I will put pen to paper, I will pull some cards, I will reflect with my candles and my crystals, do my thing. I will make plans. But I will do it alone and I will hold it in my heart. I’ve shared a lot of myself over the past 3 months, and love doing so. But right now, I need to go within, retreat, and honour the need for quiet contemplation. My writer self however, is all about accountability, so here goes, my top 5 writer’s resolutions for 2021.

1. For the month of January, I will dedicate one hour a day to produce 31 x 500 word vignettes on a list of memory-provoking, thought-inspiring topics that will provide me with 15000 plus words of memoir writing. For example, “My worst Christmas”, “The time I caught my parents out” and “An apology”… I actually can’t wait for this. The list came from a QWC workshop I attended on memoir writing, led by Ben Law. It was fantastic. This is the first course of any kind I have done to improve and develop my writing skills, long overdue!

2. Read a memoir every month. I’ve just finished Benjamin Law’s “The Family Law” (awesome) and have started on David Sedaris’s “Naked”. Reliable sources tell me you have to be a great reader to be a great writer.

3. Research and seek out article opportunities. Preferably paid. Because who doesn’t want to get paid for doing what they love most. ❤

4. Keep blogging! Every week I will post one Tuesday Tunes (hopefully accompanied by my beautiful soul and singing sister Dee) and one post about whatever comes up.

5. Get my memoir on. Last year I made a promise to myself I would author my first book by 40… which is only 18 months away so let’s say before I turn 41, July 2023. Still, chop bloody chop Mia!

Welcome, 2021. Thanks for coming. I promise to do my best.

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