Worth the Wait Wednesday!

Okay so I missed Tunes Tuesday for the first time since starting a couple months back. I apologise. I just couldn’t squeeze it in last week, and I have to admit I felt pretty blue about it. I was on four consecutive night shifts until Friday and then we had a lovely, social, slightly boozy weekend with friends and family celebrating my husband’s birthday on three separate occasions. It was delightful, but I simply had no time to write or sing. Half way through this week I feel my energy is very low and quite flat. I don’t think I really recovered fully from my work week and impending obligations are starting to pile up and I am fighting overwhelm. (I think I’m winning so far but only just).

Truthfully, I also couldn’t bear the thought of doing another Tunes Tuesday on my own. The other day I was playing and singing when Chab came over to sit with me while I carried on. As I finished, he paid me a compliment. “Beautiful,” he said, smiling. “You’re very talented.” I smiled back. “Just moderately talented, but that’s enough.” And that is the truth, and I’m down with that. I just can’t play well enough to do the music justice, and I don’t have the time or motivation required to practice long and hard enough to get to the level that real pianists attain (like Dee!), seemingly so effortlessly. Hearing myself back on these little videos does embolden my inner musical critic, and my inner ‘Mia in general’ critic. I can usually keep it kind and keep it in check but lately, when my energy is running low it gets the better of me and I just don’t want to go there. I have to know my own limits, and choose my battles wisely. I think it’s referred to as self preservation.

Happily though, Dee, my super talented green eyed bestie and I were finally able to find a spare moment to have a sing together, one of our favourite hobbies, and she kindly agreed to help me out with Tunes Tuesdays. I am so grateful. I’m sick of the sound of my own voice and just love singing with Dee. I get to relax and concentrate on singing, while she does all the hard work that she makes look so damn easy. Our voices are very different but blend unusually well together, a fact our choir master knew before we did when he placed us side by side in the alto section back in ’98. We’ve been singing together ever since and never looked back! So I hope today’s audaciously titled offering really is ‘worth the wait’! It certainly was for me.

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