Intermittent fasting: 10 weeks to Healthy

My last post about my intermittent fasting “it’s not a diet” weight loss journey was 2 months ago. It’s fair to say I dropped the ball there! I had been doing mainly 5:2 (5 days fasting with 800 calories-ish, 2 normal days, and on average 14 hours fasting overnight) for 8 weeks, and had lost 6.5kg. I was 68.1kg (down from 74.6kg) and feeling a lot better about the state of my body. I was motivated and kept it up, along with 3-5 days of 30 minutes running (or walking if my energy was particularly low) a week.

Two weeks later I hit the magic 66kg mark, which took me officially into a healthy weight range (by BMI standards). Massive milestone. It was right in time for Christmas, and I allowed myself a bit of a break to enjoy the festive season. I figured I’d worked hard and had lost over 8kg in 10 weeks. I could afford to give myself some slack and plateau for a while.

The great thing is, I didn’t blow out. After 10 weeks, some really positive habits had set in and they felt good. It was easy to keep them up. I wanted to keep them up. So I continued the exercise regime, I continued to fast a few days every week, and I maintained my 12-14 hour fasting period overnight. I ate whatever I felt like on feast days (but never binged) and was mindful of what I was consuming, and how I was feeling. I observed my choices and consequences with curiosity rather than judgment and found it had become much easier to make healthier choices. I really didn’t want to eat rubbish.

Today? I’m 65.3kg, less than a kilo off my goal of losing 10kg. My measurements are so much better.

Chest 89cm (down 5cm)

Waist 71cm (down 13cm)

Hips 94cm (down 12cm)

Thigh 60cm (down 7cm)

Anyone out there looking to make positive changes to their lifestyle and considering intermittent fasting? Do it!

  1. Read Michael Mosley’s book. Understand the principles. Be flexible, but committed.
  2. Check out ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear. This is about changing your habits, and that is harder than you might think. This book will support you.
  3. Try a fasting period overnight. Start with 12 hours and increase it as you can.
  4. Be prepared to drink at least 3L water on fasting days, 1L first thing in the morning.
  5. Experiment with new, delicious teas- particularly helpful after dinner is fine and your fasting period has started, and you’re peckish or just bored. Drink tea!
  6. Start measuring, keep a journal, remember the bigger picture when the weight fluctuates.
  7. Invest in a really good low carb protein powder.
  8. Stock your fridge with pre-made salads, protein options (hard boiled eggs, tofu, meat, fish) and get going.
  9. For god’s sake be kind to yourself. Keep perspective.
  10. And remember you’re already great. You are not your body. You’re already a gift. You’re just changing the wrapping.

You will not regret it. I promise.

Cheers to a healthier you and a more balanced life in 2021 ❤

11 thoughts on “Intermittent fasting: 10 weeks to Healthy

  1. Thank you for all this motivation Mia! It’s seriously so helpful. I’ve been on a “fast” for the last two years – ever since a doctor -not my regular mind you, one I went to cause my regular was sick, and I had a chest infection – took one look at me (at 88kgs, pretty much ALL of it my boobs, a G cup!) and declared me “clinically obese”. So, I googled fasting – but didn’t get lovely, positive blogs like your own, I got not so great ones – that only encouraged my mindset of hating myself. Last year in particular was not a great year, and although I’ve only lost 4kgs (sadly – takeaway is my depression food!), I’m determined to try a more positive outlook and taking this seriously.

    I forgot to say – when I saw my regular doctor again, he looked at the previous notes and asked why I hadn’t come to HIM about my weight and not the ‘substitute’ doctor. When I told him that the doctor had demanded to weigh me before prescribing antibiotics, he said “But you’re not clinically obese – It would be great for your health if you lost about 5-10kgs, but you are NOT obese”. My mind however was already in a not so fantastic headspace from the way the other doctor had spoken to me and I was too upset to actually listen to him. It was a big reason why I eventually moved doctors, just cause my brain couldn’t go there without continuously telling myself how “fat” I was.


    1. That substitute doctor needs to take a good hard look at himself. Your regular doctor sounds awesome though. This self loathing that seems to be triggered when we focus on our weight is precisely why I hesitated so long before embarking on this journey, as you know. But avoiding it is also what got me to this state where I couldn’t ignore it any more. You are right, you do have to be in the right mindset to do this and beating yourself up aint it. When I found myself fat shaming myself I’d imagine I was my own daughter. Would I talk to her like that? Would I accept her talking like that about herself? Or, me? Or anyone?? Of course not… and I would calmly remind myself I was doing this out of love and respect for my body and soul, treating it nice. Sending you a big hug and cheering you on. Well done on the positive changes you’ve already made and the 4kg 🙌🙌🙌 xxx


  2. You are looking great!
    And damn, this intermittent fasting sounds like something I might even be able to manage, dietwise. I am going to look more closely into this.


  3. Well done for doing and for sharing this inspiration Mia! Adopted healthy habits definitely stick somehow, and it’s nice to be able to be flexible with it – the odd splurge thankfully doesn’t seem to cause too much damage 😉 Miss you!


    1. Hello gorgeous girl, thanks for the encouragement 😚 There’s a lot of horrible stuff out there around weight loss and I’m trying to make sure anything I post about it is positive and promotes kindness! To self and others! Miss you too 😔🤗


  4. I’m about to turn 51 and the meno-struggles have begun. Intermittent fasting is ideal for menopause (or so I’ve read) and Dr Mosley also recommends HIIT workouts which also suit my lifestyle. So lovely to meet you Mia. I also have Atimic Habits on the shelf. I think we’ll be great blog buddies. 🌻


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