Tunes Tuesday with Dee

#tunestuesday #soulsearchinginsuburbia #bobseger #vondashepard #robertdowneyjunior #allymcbeal #homerecording

This song gets me every time. This is another one of our golden oldies from an era when the Ally McBeal soundtrack played on repeat and both of us would have married Robert Downey Junior (who sings Dee’s part in Vonda Shepard’s version of this Bob Seger track) in a heartbeat. In fact, I’m going to go ahead and share that link below. Too good not to share.

All I want to say about this one is this: it’s lovely for me to perform a piece where I can sing “And now you’re all I long to see/You’ve come to mean so much to me” and be thinking of my wonderful husband, rather than being taken back to hurts or disappointments from the past. So much style. So much grace. So much love.

Happy Tunes Tuesday ❤

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