Tunes Tuesday- Always Remember Us This Way

Taking on Lady Gaga is pretty terrifying. The woman is insanely talented and this piece is just perfection. I could never perform it as well as she does, the way she does, so I won’t try to! Dee and I made a few little changes here and there to better suit our style and range, and we both really enjoyed singing this one. We were both slightly shaky at the end, as though we’d just performed it in front of an audience. It is the first time we are sharing it with anyone at all, so maybe that has something to do with it. Maybe also the fact that we had only finished nutting out some of the details minutes earlier, and there are several places where an ill-timed vocal crack or wobble could force a retake. It’s an emotive piece, the lyrics are pure poetry. Thank you #ladygaga , you are a living legend.

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