Tunes Tuesday- I Can’t Stand the Rain

Keeping it real with my holey nightie and messy lounge ❤

It’s Tunes Tuesday, and until 4:30 this afternoon I had no idea what I was going to record. I could have let it go. I’m feeling a bit blocked up, had slept 4.5 hours in 36 hours and was pretty tired after night shift. Apart from that it’s been a big week of revelations, vulnerability and opening for me. I do feel like going within.

However, it really is important to me that I keep my commitment to share something here every Tuesday, no matter what. It’s a conscious decision to honour my creativity, my voice (on many levels), and self expression. It even feels like a little gift to my inner child and the child I was, who just loved to sing and proudly proclaimed that she would be a star when she grew up- “or a hairdresser”. Very pragmatic. Didn’t do either, but I’m pretty damn grateful for this wonderful life.

I’m also grateful for another stunning day of continuous, soft, gentle rain here in Brisbane. There is no better weather for sleeping under the doona and mooching around a quiet house after night shift. So of course, when I drag myself out of bed, it’s “I can’t stand the rain” that reveals itself at the piano first. That works. Except I love the rain, and I love this song. Please enjoy. The Commitments movie soundtracks are just killer classics. Now for tea, zone out tv and couch cuddles with my very patient husband. #ilovemylife

#homerecording #tunestuesday #soulsearchinginsuburbia #reprise #creativeexpression #thecommitments #gratitude #mumlife #midwifelife #nightshift

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