Tunes Tuesday…on Wednesday

I’ve been in a funk lately, as detailed in this morning’s blog offering about my adulting fatigue. Check out to feel my first world pain. I even missed last week’s sing song and almost missed this week’s, despite having gotten together with Dee for some soothing creative expression over the weekend. We were going … Continue reading Tunes Tuesday…on Wednesday


I have adulting fatigue today. And yesterday. And most of these school holidays to be honest. Perhaps that’s why I’ve not written a word for 2 weeks. Or perhaps it’s the other way around. I already know that writing every day is a ‘protective factor’ for me against anxiety, depression and overwhelm. So is daily … Continue reading Fatigue

Midwife Emerging.

I came to midwifery much later in life, beginning study at 30 years of age when my eldest was just 1, and graduating 5 years later when my youngest was just shy of 3. It was a gruelling path and I would not have stuck to it through all the trials, tribulations, sacrifice and anxiety … Continue reading Midwife Emerging.

More on Why Making a Birth Map Matters- a midwife’s perspective

I ended my first article on Catherine Bell’s fantastic concept of a comprehensive, evidence-informed ‘Birth Map‘ instead of a linear, poorly researched ‘Birth Plan’, with a plea to women everywhere: “Women, please. Embrace your power. Express your power. Don’t keep it hidden. This is your birth, your way. Knowledge and understanding must replace ignorance and … Continue reading More on Why Making a Birth Map Matters- a midwife’s perspective

Extreme Self Care

I need to practice this today. Last night was a difficult shift with a beautiful labouring woman, for several reasons. I am very hard on myself, in a way I would not want my girls to be hard on themselves. When I find myself beating me up I try to be my own mother. Would … Continue reading Extreme Self Care


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