I reached a milestone today. Finally, I can enjoy wearing this beautiful dress again, after 7 weeks of intermittent fasting and exercise to shed the 10 excess kilos that have crept on over the past 2 years. Today I’m 70.1kg, down from 74.6kg at the start of these concerted efforts. I’m feeling so much more … Continue reading Bittersweet


It was another perfect Brisbane day and the girls and I were enjoying mum and dad’s pool. They had been playing pretty nicely up to that point, which was a welcome relief. I’ve become so tired of the bickering and button pushing. Lately they’ve taken their competitiveness to a new level, especially if they’re with … Continue reading Sisterly…love?

On Showing Affection

A couple of days ago I wrote about my deep appreciation for the apparently ‘little’ things people do that actually are not so little, but rather represent great love- and affection. I have always been an affectionate person. My nickname in the lower years of high school was “Huggy Bear”, which I bore with great … Continue reading On Showing Affection

It’s the Little Things

The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little. John Kabat-Zinn Habits. Rituals. Traditions. They shape our lives and form our identity- and vice versa, according to habits expert (who knew there was such a thing!) James Clear in his fantastic read “Atomic Habits”. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Do your future self a … Continue reading It’s the Little Things

I Am Not My Body

I wrote my 2 week intermittent fasting report card a couple of days ago, because I want to keep a record of progress reports that involve facts and figures. But it wasn’t the blog I really wanted to write. Every time I find myself naked in front of the bathroom mirror as I prepare for … Continue reading I Am Not My Body


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