Tunes Tuesday…on Wednesday I've been in a funk lately, as detailed in this morning's blog offering about my adulting fatigue. Check out to feel my first world pain. I even missed last week's sing song and almost missed this week's, despite having gotten together with Dee for some soothing creative expression over the weekend. We were … Continue reading Tunes Tuesday…on Wednesday

Tunes Tuesday and an Update – “Tell Him”- Done Differently. If you like bloopers look out for Dee's facial expression at 2:46...It was take 4 and I wasn't doing it again! Well here we are, it's another Tuesday and I haven't blogged about something else since my last #tunestuesday offering, or the one before that (look at me go, experimenting with hashtags). On one … Continue reading Tunes Tuesday and an Update – “Tell Him”- Done Differently.

Tunes Tuesday with Dee #tunestuesday #soulsearchinginsuburbia #bobseger #vondashepard #robertdowneyjunior #allymcbeal #homerecording This song gets me every time. This is another one of our golden oldies from an era when the Ally McBeal soundtrack played on repeat and both of us would have married Robert Downey Junior (who sings Dee's part in Vonda Shepard's version of this Bob Seger … Continue reading Tunes Tuesday with Dee

Tunes Tuesday- From Silly to Serene Well it's Tunes Tuesday, a way for me honour my second favourite creative endeavour, singing, (writing is no. 1) and share what casual creative expression can look like in a suburban setting. It's not flashy, but it's real. If it encourages even one viewer to honour their own neglected creative soul, it will be … Continue reading Tunes Tuesday- From Silly to Serene

Tunes Tuesday- For my green eyed besties

❤ ❤ Dear email subscribers, please click on the title to access my latest very humble YouTube channel offering ❤ ❤ It's a bit weird to sing a love song for your best friend. But that's what I'm doing today, knowing they will both understand the nature in which I intend this. Cold Play … Continue reading Tunes Tuesday- For my green eyed besties